About us

Yoga retreat Brazil  specializes in exclusive and secluded Yoga retreats all over Brazil.

Our Yoga retreat destinations are located in two locations in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Buzios and Ilha Grande, further north in the state of Bahia and South in the state of Santa Catarina near Florianopolis and coming soon in Rio Grande do Sul.

Guests or Yoga professionals are welcome to Yoga Retreat Brazil and those who come will find a natural sanctuary and exceptional beauty. Your main worry is to  relax and enjoy your inner self and true nature and outer surroundings. Our retreats are all hand picked by our owner and will offer you comfort and style, set amongst  picturesque tropical rainforests, waterfalls, lakes white sandy beaches and mountains. A perfect scenario for your contemplation, healing and to deepen and explore your Yoga practice or spiritual path.

The Yoga line is based on  Hatha Yoga  and depending on locations, we offer Intergrative Yoga Therapy, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Guided Meditation, Pranayamas Holistic healing, Ayurvedic massage  and Ayurvedic treatments. Meals are Organic using fresh local produce and vegetarian, our retreat in Bahia and Ilha Grande also serves fresh seafood. Low cal and detox diets are available at some of our retreat locations.

We take pride to show you the warmth of the Brazilian culture and would like to share with you the richness and beauty Brazil has to offer to the world.


Femke De Groot - Amsterdam, Holland - May 2009

"I would like to say that Yoga Retreat Brazil has created a variety of programs that is so well needed for all human beings living todays stress and rushed life. From the very moment I first contacted the company the attention from the online sales staff was so personalized which made me feel at easy to choose which program best suited me. When we think or hear about Brazil we think far, danger, jungle Amazon, carnaval but I really never imagined that it would be so fantastic! Yoga retreat Brazil is Idyllic for any Yoga fan that loves diversity and nature. Its a great cultural mix of pleasures, relaxation, beach life, health and relaxation."